Saturday, June 24, 2017

Notice for the Record to the United States Government

This is to document for the record a demand that "The Affordable Care Act" be immediately repealed and that all efforts to replace it with legislation that maintains federal control over the practice of medicine and patient care be rejected.

This demand is being made because so-called "evidence based medicine" lies at the heart of both "The Affordable Care Act" and its proposed replacements. "Evidence based medicine" is a criminally fraudulent rationing scheme imposed upon the people to serve the interests of large insurance and software companies and the federal bureaucracy. It is fraudulent because it is based on clearly demonstrable logical fallacies. It is criminal because millions of Americans have died or experienced unnecessary pain and suffering as a direct result of its arbitrary refusal to approve legitimate treatment options.

The information contained in this short video is undeniable. The video is just over 7 minutes and 50 seconds in length. Its most critical content begins at about the 5 minute, 29 second mark.

Any elected or appointed official who chooses to ignore this warning is knowingly committing criminal fraud against the American people.

Frank J. Brady
American Citizen

Friday, June 23, 2017

The "Evidence Based" Medicine Fallacy

By way of quick introduction, I've been working with U.S. hospitals for more than 30 years and have served more than 10% of them during that time as well as hospitals in Europe, Canada and the Middle East.

The information contained in this short video is the most important we've ever published in terms of its potential value to the largest number of people and institutions, particularly the small hospitals and their patients most damaged by the "evidence based" medicine mandate. The video is just over 7 minutes and 50 seconds in length. Its most critical content, that which decision makers who depend upon data absolutely must understand, begins at about the 5 minute, 29 second mark.

Marketers and politicians have long known that slogans repeated often enough take on an aura of legitimacy regardless of merit. Examples include "evidence based medicine", "value-based purchasing", and "meaningful use". When slogans are frequently used by those in authority and appear to be universally accepted, that's enough for most people. The audience rarely wonders about underlying assumptions because of that perceived legitimacy.

The first half of the video exposes the massive gaps in the data available to the "evidence based medicine" decision-making system. It is beyond astonishing that policy makers would mandate compliance with the patient care dictates of a flawed system that violates the most basic rules of logic and statistics.

Data and information are not the same things, a critical distinction that appears to be lost on health planners and policy makers. That distinction is the reason I often caution audiences to avoid the fate of the Roman General who reportedly drowned while crossing a stream with an average depth of only six inches. The General is said to have died because available statistical data were misunderstood. Unfortunately, the controlling role of "evidence based medicine" in determining the course and content of patient care means that millions of Americans are going to suffer less than optimum personal health consequences for exactly the same reasons.

This is a completely unnecessary and unacceptable outcome. If you agree, please contact me directly at Thank you and continued best wishes.

Frank Brady
Brady & Associates
(816) 587-2120